I am Malcolm X

I wonder what singers could do

I hear the fools singing

I see bad people in America

I am Malcolm X

I pretend that we have rights

I feel the pain

I touch my brothers and sisters

I worry that I will fail

I cry when my people are hurt

I am Malcolm X

I understand how my people fell

I say fighting back is the answer

I dream of black power

I try to fight

I hope to overcome

I am Malcolm X


I am Martin Luther King Jr.

I wonder what equality looks like

I hear freedom knocking

I see marches for peace

I am Martin Luther King Jr.

I pretend that segregation didn’t exist

I feel the hatred going away

I touch the lives of many

I worry of their safety

I cry when there is no peace

I am Martin Luther King Jr.

I understand nothing of segregation

I say that I have a dream

I dream of a better America

I try to create a better America

I hope that I succeed

I am Martin Luther King Jr.


I sit in the front of the bus

And told to go to the back

Tired and frustrated

I refuse to leave my seat

Punished for standing up

I will continue to refuse

For i am a human too

My name is Rosa Parks


Little black girl going to school

Across the whole city

One school next to her home

Denied because of her color

Fight back with justice

Everyday get closer to equal

Brown V. Board

Little girl going to school


We shall stand up

By sitting down

Violence is not the answer

Not afraid of them

Jail, pain, nothing

We will fight together

Wherever there is a chair

We will be there


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