Watergate Scandal W’s


  1. Nixon was the President involved with the Watergate scandal and resigned.
  2. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein key investigators that helped break the Watergate scandal.
  3. Gerald Ford would be sworn in after Nixon had resigned.


  1. Political scandal involving information of Richard Nixon having connections with burglars stealing documents and tapping phones at the Watergate building.
  2. This scandal ultimately forced Nixon to resign because he knew he was going to be impeached and didn’t want to be embarrassed.
  3. This is the first scandal to happen in US President history.


  1. The main incident was in the Watergate building at Washington D.C.
  2. The cases were discussed in the Supreme Court also in Washington D.C.
  3. The White house is where Nixon was at when he resigned and where he was replaced.


  1. June 17, 1972, is when the burglars were arrested.
  2. August 1974 President Ford pardoned Nixon of any crimes committed.
  3. 1973 Nixon agreed to surrender some of his tapes.


  1. In the midst of the Vietnam war, Nixon needed to stay in power but was struggling in the Campaign.
  2. The Watergate Scandal is significant because it was the first of its kind in US history.
  3. Nixon did everything in his power to cover up this scandal but failed and was forced to resign or impeach.

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