Diary entry #1

President Johnson is showing us that he cares a lot about us people living in poverty. I feel like he knows us well because he himself also lived in poverty and was also a teacher in a low-income area so I feel like he knows how we live every day. He knows that we are just trying to get by every day and he wants our wealthy, powerful government to help us through this struggle. I would really appreciate it if they could help me in the meantime while get back on track. President Johnson has now declared “unconditional war on poverty in America”. He has now started many new programs that are directed at the youth Americans living in the inner city. The job corps in helping the young unemployed find jobs. Also the neighborhood Youth Corps provided work-study programs to help underprivileged young men and women earn a high school diploma. I really appreciate what president Johnson is doing for us and how he is helping the youth out a lot so they can get a good career and not have to live in poverty.





Diary Entry #2

President Johnson is now working on creating the “Great Society” he promised many Americans this. Also the major goals of the civil rights were achieved with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this barred discrimination of many kinds and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which ensured African Americans’ rights to vote. There are so many programs being passed one of the good ones that was passed was Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare was good thing because many of the elderly right now don’t have health insurance and also when I get older I know I will get a little help from the government. Medicaid was also created and this was for the people that lived in poverty I am also proud of this because I myself live in poverty and I will now get help. Iam so happy for what President Johnson is doing for our society he really does care about the people.





Diary Entry #3

The Great Society program is very helpful to our community because it strongly supports education. Millions of dollars have been granted to public and private schools for classroom materials and special education programs from the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965. Another program Upward Bound was Designed to provide college preparation for low income teenagers. President Johnson has helped us in many ways from helping us getting jobs to helping children succeed and get help in their education. Many people don’t think of him as a strong president but he has done lots for the people that really needed the help so I thank him lots for helping me and others through our struggle and for actually thinking about how he could help our community. Thanks to President Johnson’s “Great Society” kids will be able to get a good education and get out of this poverty.




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